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Our programme supports kids with ADHD.
Helps them to understand that they’re special like me.
Our minds work fast and do amazing stuff;
but can get us into trouble if we don’t slow down enough!
They’re Ferrari engines with bicycle brakes.
Slowing down is a challenge; and if we don’t, we make mistakes.
Overactivity in the Frontal Lobes of our brain;
Means ours are like a Meerkat; that we must learn to restrain.
We don’t use medication to fix what isn’t broke,
We just remove the frustration, and then our secret words are spoke.
ADHD is your child’s Superpower.
We teach them how to turn their seed into a flower!
We take them on a programme doing something that they choose.
Then we tell them the secrets they need to make sure that they don’t lose.
We work with inspiring Coaches, that all the kids adore,
We teach them our approaches, then they inspire your kids some more.
Our vehicles to drive the learning are things a kid enjoys,
We have a wide range of activities to suit all your girls and boys!



Martial Arts

Course Content

Identifying their Superpower

Finding their Strengths

Finding their fast lane

Understanding their hyper focus

Emergency Stop!

Slamming on their brakes

Controlled Stop

Quietening their mind

Amber Behaviours

Identifying their triggers

Choosing their attitude

Mood elevation

Combatting the Fog

Introducing preventative measures


Removing false limitations

Eliminating their brain frustration

Introducing meditation


Vision and visualisation

We offer in school programmes in many formats and work privately with individuals and small groups in locations across Liverpool. We also work with children at home.
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Super Logo

“ADHD is a neurological disorder associated with a pattern of excessive inactivity in the frontal lobes of the brain. It is characterized by distractibility, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. ADHD is like having a Ferrari engine for a brain with bicycle brakes. Strengthen the brakes and you have a champion”.

I’d like to talk about a topic that has impacted me,
I want to share how I, learned to live, with my ADHD.

I’m hoping I can offer a helping hand,
for all parents and teachers trying to understand.

I want to show you how my ADHD,
Lead to me creating Mind Mastery.

I wanted to share how mastering my mind,
has changed the way that I’m defined.

See there’s challenges created by my brain,
that can trigger behaviours I’d find hard to explain.

The way my brain sends information,
isn’t straightforward communication.

See, my senses get muddled; I hear and I smell,
I taste and I feel and get the message as well.


An overload of information would enter my brain,
Before I knew it; I’d be in trouble again!

Although I know that I’m not to blame,
for me not processing things the same,

I realise it’s a challenge existing in me,
so, I learned to manage my ADHD.

I always tried my best, to be a good kid,
then I’d get shouted at, for something it did.

The naughty kid; that wasn’t me,
I was being controlled by my ADHD

I always knew right from wrong,
but sometimes the urges got way too strong.

The part that knew what I was supposed to do,
Took too long to get its message through.

I want to share with you, what I wish I knew, when I was kid
So that you, don’t go through, the experiences that I did

We need to learn to think before we feel and speak,
It’s a fundamental ADHD technique,

Wait for all the information to be transmitted,
to ensure that any bad vibes can be omitted.

So, when a naughty thought pops in our head,
We can replace that thought for something good instead!

We know we find it hard to get work done,
So we make sure our work is loads of fun.

See we’re so much happier when we choose our task,
We just find it REALLY hard to do things when people ask.

 Now our emotions are able to ruin our day,
So, we must process our thoughts and express them away.


If emotions are felt we can’t help but show them.
So, we learn what they are, and really get to know them.

Learn about anger, envy and greed,
and realise these are things that we don’t need.

See, our emotions will make us get stuff wrong,
But if you do the work your mind gets strong

We can process our thoughts when they come into our head,
so we can trigger our positive emotions instead.

It will help you to avoid the mistakes you’ve been making,
It’s can completely change the path that you’re taking.

You’ll find that learning to quieten your mind,
removes the fog your mind likes to find.

You can find your peace through meditation,
it eliminates your brain frustration.

Then I used the practice of BJJ
To learn to fill my mind and keep it away!

We can use daily affirmations,
to remind us of our goals and motivations.

Truly understand the mechanics of thought,
Is the most valuable lesson you’ll ever be taught.

So, to parents and teachers trying their best.
We learn to flourish once our minds are at rest.

I created Mind Mastery with my dad,
to give other kids the tools that I had.

Now every day I help other kids like me,
to learn how to succeed despite ADHD.

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