Our curriculum is focused on children’s EQ, Emotional Intelligence at the core of all that we do.
A child’s mind is precious and should be cared for. The rising statistics we can no longer ignore,
Mental Health challenges are increasing for sure. We focus on prevention; so, kids don’t need a cure.
Our curriculum was created to help kids to see, they will become who they believe they will be.
Our lessons remove, false limitations, we’re intending to prove, kids can higher expectations.
We’re growing awareness of the power of their minds; by introducing practices that a healthy mind finds.
We’ve found the formula for development to flourish, so now we use it to nurture and nourish.
We take an activity that kids enjoy, then add a coach, who’ll inspire, each girl and boy.
We train our great coaches on Mind Mastery approaches; then make it part of a task they enjoy.

Inspiration x Motivation = Foundation of Elevation


We use popular activities like MMA, Football Music and Dance with a cool DJ
We tap into the things that kids enjoy, to capture the attention of each girl and boy.,
Their emotional intelligence is what our curriculums about, Dealing with their FEAR, ANGER and DOUBT! Understanding their emotions and sorting them out. Hearing their souls whisper, over their egos shout!
We use the activities to capture their mind. Through our amazing young coach’s inspiration, they find.
This opens the doors for development to begin. So, we take our curriculum and we bed it in.


Our Mind-set program gives kids their life tools; explains how the universe works and tells them the rules.
It asks them to be all they can be, to kick away negativity and to LOVE THEMSELVES UNCONDITIONALLY.
They learn how their thoughts gather MOMENTUM how they can make times good or bad.
They learn about GRATITUDE AND MEDITATION; for the times when they feel sad.
We trigger their IMAGINATION; bringing visualisation to their education!
We help them examine the CHOICES they’re making, so they’re aligned to their dreams, and theirs for the taking!
We focus on MOOD AND ATTITUDE, what ones to use and what to exclude.
Uncover any pre-programmed BELIEFS, LIMITING ones; the big dream thief’s.
We teach them to live with FAITH NOT FEAR make sure their soul not their ego has their ear! 
We tune them in to their inner voices, so they trust their INTUITION to make all their choices!
We help them find who they’re supposed to be.
We create their desired IDENTITY!

Key Stage 1 & 2 Emotional Intelligence Curriculum

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Taking control of your thoughts

Vision & Visualisation

Understanding and effecting moods

Finding your superstar

Creating and eliminating habits

Maximising your potential

Learning to go with the flow

Defining the person you want to be

Listening to your inner voice

Master Mind Front
Master Mind Back

Key Stage 3 Emotional Intelligence EQ Curriculum

12 Laws of The Universe for Young Minds

The Origins of The Martial Arts Mindset

The Law of One

The Law of Vibration

The Law of Action

The Law of Correspondence

The Law of Cause and Effect

The Law of Compensation

The Law of Attraction

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy

The Law of Relativity

The Law of Mental Vibrations

The Law of Rhythm

The Law of Gender

Our universe is a magical place,
The air, the land, the sea and space,
The world that YOU choose to find;
Is one you’ll create with your own mind.
The things that you; think, say and do,
Will determine the future laid out for you.
The lessons you’ll find inside this book.
Could change your life so take a look.
Learn how to train your mind to see.
All of the things you want to be.

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