1. Momentum - Taking Control of Your Thoughts

Your mind is your greatest gift, if you didn’t’ know you do now,
It can give you a great big lift, and now you can learn how.
Start your day with a big smile on your face,
Happy thoughts first remember it really is a race.
Your thoughts will gather momentum really, really fast,
One leads to another then before you know its past,
Seventeen seconds, that’s how long you get, for a bad thought
to be re-set,
so if,
Your thoughts aren’t good or kind, you have the time
and power to change your mind,
you can quickly switch the thought around, chop that negativity down, immediately be grateful that’s the road to take.
think of the things you love and a happy mind you’ll make.
A healthy mind can do amazing things. If you dream to fly it can give you wings.

2. Imagination - Vision & Visualisation

Your imagination is a superpower, it can be your happy place.
You can take yourself off anywhere, when things get tough to face.
Anytime you find yourself feeling sad or low.
Take your mind to the place you most love to go.
Your imagination is a superpower, it’s used to build your dreams
Dream as big as possible, don’t worry how big it seems
Put some detail into you plan, think what needs to be done, and believe that you can.
Imagine your dreams being achieved,
all dreams start as a thought conceived.
Train your mind to see it, believe that you can be it.
You see our thoughts turn into actions, it’s just the way it goes.
Block any negative distractions and you’ll achieve your goals!
Thinking makes you do and doing makes you get!
So, dream your dream and do the work, then that’s it your set!

3. Choose Your Attitude

Remember to be grateful as soon as you are awake,
Think about the things you LOVE! Then a happy day you’ll make
Play the game with your family before you go to school
Ask them what they’re grateful for, make it your breakfast rule!
Start your day with gratitude, take the lead and set your family’s mood.
The momentum builds really quick, you’re in control of the
attitude you pick!
Maintain your mood throughout your day, kick
any negative thoughts away!
Your attitude is a super power
You can choose to make it so, check your attitude every hour and see how far you go.
Choose today to do what others don’t,
So, you can have tomorrow what others won’t!
Choose to be kind loving and grateful
Choose never to be mean, mad or hateful,
Remember The way we react to challenges today, will determine our futures in every way!
Choose a mood that makes you SMILE!
Let’s give that a go for a little while.
Remember it’s YOU that controls YOUR mind
Keep it happy and healthy, leave the bad stuff behind!

4. Self-Love - Finding Your Superstar

Loving yourself doesn’t’t mean; looking in the mirror
all the while,
Catching glimpses in windows as you give yourself a smile,
It’s not about spending hours in the bathroom playing with
your hair.
Find what makes you special; if you look hard enough it’s there,
I want you to look inside yourself, find out who you are.
Take the time to get to know yourself and you’ll find your superstar.
Learning to LOVE YOURSELF is the most important thing.
Get to know who YOU are and what super power you bring.
Find the greatness inside you work out what it is.
Once you find what drives you, you can live your life in bliss.
If you accomplish a goal or two, achieve some things you’ve set out to do, even if you learn something new, you can start to fall in LOVE with YOU.
Achievement brings confidence so let’s get to achieving.
Listen, when Coach Shaun says ITS IN YOU, I’M BELIEVING!
So, what makes you AMAZING, what difference can YOU make.
Thoughts, belief and action, the world is yours to take!

5. Choices - Creating and Eliminating Habits

Have you ever considered how the choices you make,
might impact the paths you are able to take.
Thousands of decisions made every day.
The outcomes of each determine your way.
Yet almost half aren’t decisions at all.
They’re are simply the habits that your sub-conscious recalls.
Do the things that you do really serve you?
Do they fit into your plan to be all you can?
Do they help you to see where you want to be?
If the answer is NO to these questions ergo; you need to switch on, before your chance has gone!

So these habits you have that don’t serve your plan,
must be replaced, good news is they can!
Commit 1% of the time in your days,
to represent your efforts in finding new ways.
Just 15 minutes that’s all’s it will take.
In a couple of months, a new habit you’ll make.
Give it a try, you can start right now,
Okay then ready? Here’s the how!
All habits have a REWARD and a CUE.
Now these things are familiar and desirable to you.
We must change our actions to avoid the CUE.
And create new REWARDS more
desirable to you.
To eliminate a habit causing us harm.
Avoid the action that hits the alarm.
Reward yourself for what you have done.
Avoid the old and embrace the new one!

6. Eliminating Limiting Beliefs

You can do ANYTHING you want to do
The things that you can’t must be decided by you.
You can be anyone you want to be.
Who is the person you want to see?
You decide who and what you are, you really can be a superstar!
You have the power to change CAN’T to CAN
Just think, believe and work your plan
Find something that you believe you cannot do
Take some time and think it through,
Think about what you need to learn, any corners you may need to turn
Think of who may offer a helping hand, to help you do what you have planned
With time and effort you get to your goal
Prove to yourself you have a Limitless Soul
So commit to your dreams and don’t settle for less
Your limitations are for you, alone, to assess
Anything can be achieved; the power to change is inside you
Everything will be received; put any limiting beliefs behind you

7. FAITH over FEAR - Learning to Go with The Flow

Controlling our EMOCEANS
We must learn to live with Faith not Fear.
So, let’s first explore why Fear is here.
Fear’s a thought, a mood, an attitude, so we know we have control,
of exactly what, we do not, allow to penetrate our soul.
Thoughts turn to emotions when we let them through.
But Faith is here to stop that Fear,
Seventeen seconds for that fearful thought,
to turn to Faith before more are brought.
Seventeen seconds for each one go.
In less than a minute It’s an EM-O-TION you know!
See your EMOCEANS are the oceans of your internal world.
Your thoughts are the winds that see your EMOCEANS swirled.
When you feel FEAR, then just stop and think,
the Faith you have in yourself; won’t allow your ship to sink
90 seconds an emotion lasts.
If it doesn’t receive any thought windblasts.
90 seconds before it’s past, 90 seconds, it goes that fast!
So control your winds keep your oceans still,
go with the flow! You can master this skill!

8. Identity - Defining the Person You Want to Be

I am the person my mind has created.
Due to how my subconscious thoughts have been translated.
Every habit, belief and desire I find.
Now exists because of my subconscious mind.
The person your mind believes you to be.
Identifies the limits that your eyes then see.
To achieve the things that you really desire
You change your thoughts and habits to ones that inspire!

9. Intuition - Finding Your Inner Voice

Your super conscious mind can be really hard to find,
you must leave all negative thoughts and emotions behind,
your super conscious knows your plan,
the one where you become all that you can.
It holds the picture of you Devine Design.
It knows the secret path you need to find.
Permanently perfect is how your life will be,
if you get the place your third eye can see.
Your intuition we’re talking about.
That inner voice trying to help you out.
If you’re to truly develop your spirituality,
it’s through your third eye you must learn to see.
It’s found the superstar inside of you.
It signposts the route you need to get through.
Little hunches that make no sense,
testing your spiritual confidence.
Live with Faith , have no fear,
only then will you really hear,
your inner voice speaking to you !
Your ego is stopping it getting through.
Intuition flies out the window when reason comes to the door.
You must block out your ego, or you won’t hear that voice no more!
Follow the secret path to your hearts-desire.
Not the treacherous road reasoned thought will require!
When your heart is pure, and your soul is whole,
universal Intelligence will take control.
You become everything you should have bin,
your intuition shows you how to win!

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