Musical Mindset

I am a DJ
I found my superstar,
I thought believed and acted,
Now look where we are! 🤷‍♂️
I found the thing that drives me,
Through the lessons that we teach,
Once you’ve learn to master them, there’s no heights you can’t reach!
I see life as a dance floor
Rhythm is emotion based
People are the music;
who’s moods I must embrace;
to play a set to touch their heart and penetrate their soul,
To lift a whole rooms frequency is every DJ’s goal!
I live my dream with every set,
I visualise the response they”ll get
I work and work to be the best
My self-belief doesn’t let me rest,
So who do you want to be?
Look deep inside until you see!
You can live your dream, just like me!
Remember your dreams should be limit free,
I mean, mine was to be DJ Kaci Lea! 🤷‍♂️

Kaci Photo
Kaci 1
Mentor Program
Living Kaci

D reams really do come true

J ust think, believe and it comes to you


K now that the universe wants you to achieve it

A ct like it’s yours and like, REALLY BELIEVE IT!

C hase your dreams every single  day

I  AM IT! Out loud you say!


L imits don’t exist in the mind of a believer

E mbrace the action to be an achiever

A ll you want is there for you, I’m living proof that dreams do come true!

Mastering my mind

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