Mind Mastery for Schools

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A Whole School Philosophy


For Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being

Put student and staff well being at the heart of your school plan

Introduce practices clinically approved to create and maintain happy and healthy minds

Adopt a language to be consistent with EQ guidance across the school

Our Mind Mastery Philosophy, will help create the school you’re striving to be!

We would love to support your school, by building a culture that makes your school cool!

We have a range of options to suit all School Budgets

Breakfast Clubs

Rise and Shine Breakfast Clubs to create effective daily habits and raise the whole schools vibration at the start of every  day!

Activity Based

Activity Based Coaching Workshops for schools  Martial Arts, Boxing, Dance, Football and Music.

One To One Specialist Activity Programs

One to One Specialist Activity Programs for ADHD, Stress, Anxiety, Depression and ACE’s. 

`Staff Training

Mind Mastery for Teachers and Support Staff.

whole school

We use popular activities as vehicles to drive the critical EQ learning!


Parenting Programs to help reinforce the philosophy at home.