C ome and learn how to control your mind.

O utside influences? Cast them aside.

A ttract the things you most desire.

C hange your frequency to one much higher.

H ave FAITH not FEAR that your dreams are near.


S ay out loud ITS ALREADY HERE!

H ave NO LIMITS they really don’t exist.

A sk, believe, receive, don’t let your mind resist.

U nderstand your emotions, how they come and go.

N urture your inner-self, it’s you, you should get to know.


T he key to finding happiness is ”going with the flow!”

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My dream is to help children like me, to identify the person that they want to be,
To provide the support and encouragement they need, to ensure a flower comes from their seed,

to make them aware of the power they’ll find, if they’re able to learn how to control their mind,

I want to share the lessons taught to me, to inspire unconditional positivity.
I want to pioneer a mission, to help all the kids wishin’ that they could transition into a better position.
One where they can find reason to believe they can achieve the dreams they’ve conceived,
I want to offer programmes that capture their attention.

To provide the opportunity to be one of the things that they mention,
if we provided foundations, for them to exceed expectations doing something they really enjoy,

we could then “expect”, for each to gain self-respect and become a confident girl or boy.
My Mind-set program can give them the tools; explain how the universe works and tell them the rules,

it asks them to be all they can be to kick away negativity,

to love themselves unconditionally.
They learn how their thoughts gather momentum, how they can make times good or bad,
they learn about gratitude and meditation; for the times when they feel sad,
We focus on mood and attitude; what ones to use and what to exclude.
Uncover any pre-programmed beliefs, limiting ones, big dream thief’s.
I believe I can drive the change, inspire better futures for the kids I engage.
I can find ways to help these kids win, find them development paths and put everything in,
to finding them roads to their personal success, tell them what can be achieved and don’t let them settle for less,
I see an opportunity in wrap around care, Pre and Post school, the window is there,
I really can’t see why it’s not already done, standardise the learning and maximise the fun.
Bring influential figures into school, kids get inspired when their coaches are cool.
We can build a curriculum of leaning about mind body and soul
We can get the flames burning and make our young people whole.
If we incorporate the activities that kids choose to do
In the environment they learn then we’d change their view.
School would become a happier place, they’d skip through the gates with a smile on their face.
The impact that joy can have on learning, let’s just say this corner needs turning.
Kids should stay in school from 8 until 6, with their communities best coaches brought into the mix.

We can keep on the lights by energising the mind and projecting the effective behaviours that we’re trying to find.

We can incorporate values that employers desire, develop character traits that our industries require, the best way to teach is make sure we inspire.

We need energies channelled in positive ways, accomplished though enjoyment caring and praise,

We need a new way of learning before its too late, we must realise development is enjoyments best mate!

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