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These are the activities we use to deliver the learning,
The enjoyment they bring gets the flame burning,
We then add the inspiration of a Mind-Mastery Coach,
Who use their translation of the Mister D approach;
to teach, how to reach the goals and dreams
to show how to grow their souls through their activity themes
There’s footy and fighting, music and dance,
We’re adding new themes so more kids can advance,
Developing EQ is the thing that we do,
Emotional Intelligence for the kids ,and for you,
Dealing with FEAR, ANGER and DOUBT,
Regulating emotions and expressing them out.
The activities are vehicles for us to drive the learning
The issues we’re tackling are very concerning
For our children’s Mental Health and Well Being,
Please try to see what we’re seeing,
Get behind us, support our mission,
To give our kids their conscious vision.

Martial Arts Mindset

Martial Arts Mind Mastery
Was our pilot project with Coach Shaun T
Created by Mister D to help our kids third eyes to see!

Life Coaching & Parenting

Adults programs with Kerry B
Can help you on your recovery
Your outta word comes from the inner you
Mind Mastery makes the inner you brand new

Mind Mastery

Get back on track with Nicky Mc
We can find the things that you lack,
So we know what cases to unpack
To quieten your ego with a HEART ATTACK!

Musical Mindset

Musical Mind Mastery is headed up by DJ Kaci Lee!
Any kid that subscribes, learns to live with positive vibes,


Dance Mindset

Dance Mind Mastery
Has been created by Mister D
Fusing music movement and spirituality
To help kids find their IDENTITY!

Football Mindset

Setting goals for nurtured souls, finding the role that’ll make them whole, is the real Football Mindset Goal ⚽️